29 August 2010

I am in the Prairie

So I have done it.  I have moved back to the prairie.  In a whirlwind of a few weeks I interviewed for a new job, was hired, found a place to live, accepted the job, packed up my apartment, said a few brief good-byes to some wonderful friends and moved to Kansas. 

I am in the middle of the Flint Hills which are part of the Tall-grass Prairie.  Only 4% of the Tall-grass prairie remains.  I have yet to explore very much.  I have been too busy trying to get myself organized to teach my classes.  Two things that have struck me most are the open skies (which I knew would not disappoint) but it still takes my breath away and the hills.  Guess that whole living in the Flint Hills would give it away. 

After living in coastal Louisiana for so many years one gets used to the flatness of the land.  I would go to South Dakota to visit family and get the rolling hills but these are more than that, there are real hills and valleys. 

One of the best things about this location is that I am within a days drive of some many places:   most of my family in South Dakota, Denver, St. Louis, family in Iowa, Little Rock.  It will be really loooong day to get back to Louisiana but doable.  Probably for my spring break.

I found a local yarn shop in the next town over and already purchased a skein of luscious wool.  Started a scarf.  Not sure who will get the scarf--I had thought my mom but she does not generally wear such things.  It would go with lots of grandma's things so she might be the recipient. Then there is my one of my aunts that gave me a purse and this would be a nice gift for her.  Or I will just keep it.  I am already behind on the Prairie Chix for my mom's Red Hat group and have not picked up anything on the afghan for my sister.  I have to get going on it so it is done for birthday/Christmas.

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  1. So, where are you teaching? I was at Emporia State Univ for 15 years before I retired last year. ;-)
    Now I continue to teach one online business class a semester. First assignments are due at midnight! ;-)